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Be afraid boy.
How can you say good bye
To such a sweet fake like mine

I blame it on the crack
Arrest the soul
let the media take control

if i wasnt for you
i could have stolen
my plan is fooled now.

The show is spoiled
the sweet scent is gone
So let us start over


drunk. again.

i don't want to be alone. alone i don't want to be.
let me stand so freely, shaken with broken bones in my body. 
never can my eyes speak, nor lips seek,
the only one i want. no more allusions.

yoochun, yoochun. let me love you.

quick, nibble spear, let daggers fear.
i do not want to be alone,
so protect me from the racing hearts.
finish lines are never near.

yunho, oh yunho. why my sweet yunho...

glass cage, bird's rage, heed my call.
i do not want to be alone. 
cold's heart, lone's bark, insanity shall call.
messy tears can only hold so many memories.

...do not lie to me anymore...

i dont want to be alone, alone i want to be
so leave me be, to collect rammbles.
how scrammbled, jummbled were your words not.
i've figured you out, so do not lie to me.

...i'm hurt again...

foolishly i believe we can start again.
pick up your feet, take my hand.
forever let us drown in lover's wonderland.
painfuly taste sweet dream's loversland.

...so lets go our seperate ways...

crush, brush away those feeling for another.
i do not want to be alone, but alone away from you.
away, let's break away. take wing, breathe another life.
live without me and be alone.
becasue be_ddelusionall mother wanted dbsk+poems.
well here u go.
inspired by missA's Love Alone

we called each other friends

look up once again
once the clouds drift in
be blinded with by the wind.

your heart will puddle
and then words begin to mumble.

compare yourself to nothing,
most fakest originiality
no more color between the lines.

catch yourself this time
and lies will never cry

so call me once again,
that you want to be my friend
and let the cycle start again.

shutup... i never make sence



tell me that you are crying,
let it pour while i am smiling
no more thoughts of sober bastards 

yes way but no way
go crazy while you are crying
mind blown like my twelve year old telephone
your intake is too much to say

who you are, who you were
when we hold hands, crying
the days tossed behind us
its just not enough

tell me your passion
the reason for war
tell me your profession,
and lets get together, talk some more.

you told me this,
get a grip
my life and your time

you told me this,
take the time
and tell me bliss....

oic, weird events do weird things to my head.
for example.
what homin said, i am currently sad :(



frozen kisses left by my bed.
the warmth you forgot to saranwrap.
what should i do,
sleeping here so close to you

i plead you to stay
when my heart flutteres you go.
these cries you know
shall never let you go

and when we shout
you never carried out
the message you spoke
left unsalted and plain

so when i woke up in bed
i choked on my head
when you stood
and breathed again.

faint as a whisper
but louder than a tree
who grew only three feet

wae, i cry(why)
wae uhdeeman eedukkaedwae?(why are we the only ones like this)
oppa mohaeka?(oppa what should i do?)
oppa nuntuhba.(oppa, open your eyes)



yeah no... the korean is in the way i would pronounce it...


last resort.
No matter what happens,
if we lose the road.

We can be freed,
when the world goes to sleep,

Cold when the night stars fall,
still let us run to there.

Our last resort.

Last night I only saw you,
for a second a tear I saw.

And when clouds start to cry
I lose sight of my dreams

You seemed to die slowly
so let me hold you one more time.

It’s the last resort.

Give me the power
to restore our love.

Pray that we will be masked
from the hate

With warmth let us go north
There is no stopping point

Let us go to the last place.

wrote this while
listening to new homin song
its epic...
this is epic fail ...
i hvnt writen poerty in a while :P
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get ready for tacos.
it dnsnt make a shit load of sense but still ...
a little update
grin of the gun.Collapse )

Writer's Block: One day
How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?

Sad, shocked. wondering why?
DBSK just.  ended my world?
im kinda lost on kpop atm...
and yes... i stalk JYJ+HoMin for life lol

30 Day SHINee Challenge
Day 1 - Your favorite SHINee member and why
Choi Minho. God damnit. do i need a reason?
He's just prefect. At first only Yoochun would make me swoon, but now.
I want to have his babies. I usually don't fall for idols, not really hard.
The ones I truly love are Park Yoochun and Choi SeungHyun(TOP) but wow.
Minho, he just makes me speechless, words cannot express.
This is the kinda man I want to be with. Filled with charisma but when he smiles
you just melt. And yes, a guy with aigeo... :) I just love him. I cannot, just. he's epic.
I cant, like. its hard to explain. ya know?



30 Day SHINee Challenge


30 Day SHINee Challenge

Day 1 - Your favorite SHINee member and why
Day 2 - Your favorite 
SHINee song
Day 3 - Your least 
SHINee song
Day 4 - A 
SHINee song that makes you happy
Day 5 - A 
SHINee song that makes you sad
Day 6 - A
 SHINee song that makes you giddy
Day 7 - A 
SHINee song you know all the words to
Day 8 - A 
SHINee dance you know all the moves to
Day 9 - A 
SHINee dance you would like to learn
Day 11 - Your favorite 
SHINee music video
Day 12 - The very first SHINee song you listened to

Day 13 - 
Your favorite variety show cut of Minho
Day 14 - 
Your favorite variety show cut of Key 
Day 15 - 
Your favorite variety show cut of Taemin
Day 16 - 
Your favorite variety show cut of Onew
Day 17 - Your favorite variety show cut of Jonghyun

Day 18 - The best dancer in the 
Day 19 - The funniest SHINee member
Day 20 - Your favorite 
SHINee moment
Day 21 - Your favorite 
SHINee couple pairing with any other K-Pop star
Day 22 - Your favorite 
SHINee interview
Day 23 - Your favorite 
SHINee collab performance with any other K-Pop band/artist
Day 24 - The 
SHINee member you would want as your brother
Day 25 - 
A post dedicated to Jonghyun
Day 26 - 
A post dedicated to Onew
Day 27 - A post dedicated to Minho
Day 28 - A post dedicated to Taemin
Day 29 - A post dedicated to Key
Day 30 - Why you love the SHINee



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