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seungho; up
angst; 234 words
also posted at asianfanfics.


Himchan looks down at his socks. A slight pout forming when he realizes that he's wearing one pink sock and the other with black with white strips. He wiggles his toes, then turning his feet slowly, admiring the pink sock. Himchan tilts his head, trying to remeber where he got the sock. He smiles softly and leans forward to touch the sock. It was old, tattered, but it was still soft. Like...

Then it hit him, it was Yongguk's sock.

Himchan gasps slightly and pulls away. The memories suddenly pour in. The wall he that he had built around his heart, it broke within a matter of seconds. Himchan blinks and a tear escapes.

"Y-Yongguk," he whispers quietly. Himchan holds his breath. He swore he heard an answer, a 'Yes?'

He promises himself that he's not going crazy, that he truely did hear a reply. Himchan cluches the sides of his head and burying his face into his knees.

"Where did you go?" he whispers to nobody.


Himchan snaps his head up and looks at the front door.


A man wearing a baggy black sweatshirt and jeans slowly peels his shoes off. Himchan slowly backs away until he hit the end of the couch. The man walks slowly torward Himchan.

Himchan looks down at the man's feet and forgets how to breathe.

It was the matching pair for the pink sock.


because I am wearing mismatching stripped socks.


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