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Love Is A Cold Temptation, So Love Me... (one)
Byunghee is a drunk, Seungho is delusional.

“Byung hee.”
“Yeah?” he looks up, removing the cigarette from his lips, the taste of sin seeping out.
“Well, uhm.”
“Speak up,” Byung hee hissed.
Pissed, he was pissed, that's what Seungho believed, but in reality, Byung hee was just tired.
“N-never mind,” Seungho squeak and ran back to his room. To be honest, all he wanted was to say 'Hey, welcome home,' but the courage for that was all gone.

It was the middle of October, the wind whistled and tapped on his window.
“Come play, come play,” it sang in his head, “Come play, come play,” it rang in his head. Tears creep into his vision, his hands began to shake.
“I will be here for you, so come out to play, it’s a sunny day.”
“No,” Seungho whispered, “No, stay back!” he screamed this time. Shaking, he took two steps back, then, carefully, another three steps. He tries to muffle his sobs by covering his mouth with his hand but it wasn't that much of a help.
Byung hee still heard everything.
“I'm here, for you.”
He tried to fight back the sobs and tears, but with that, his knees met the floor, tears to his hands, and a smack to the face.
“Shut up,” Seungho heard over his sobs.
“Byung hee,” Seungho croaked, “Please, Byung hee.”
“Shut up, shut up! I'm not Byung hee anymore!”
Seungho felt another sting to his face, a punch to the stomach, then another, but what the hell, he didn’t care, it was ok, because, Jung Byung hee knew that he existed, and that's all that mattered.

i dont even, i have chapter two almost done. idk.
i like angst


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