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Letters Between You and Me. (일)

Letters Between You and Me. 1(일)
Angst. (i like that stuff)
Poetry Story.
Yunho and Yoochun are exchanging letters. Yunho is afriad of seeing Yoochun in person.
Becasue Yunho hurts Yoochun. Even after Yoochun is over the pain, Yunho is still traumatized by what he did.
Will Yunho get over it?  Will there be more hardships?  Idana~

Shine, like the beauty upon the stars,
become one who shall be loved.
Pretend like the whispers do not matter,
pray that we shall never part
My simple joy is
for he is my start.
No more endless games,
ones that I've never ment to play.
Rough actions we should have a straied,
for these scars and wounds,
should have never stained.
In who's heart is mine today.

Yunho, my beloved.
Why can you not stay?
These wounds have healed,
one that were ment to stay.
Through bright lights,
you are my sun shine.
Why must you grab the past,
when the future is what matters.
The end shall never near,
you are always here.

 :DDDDD lol... idk... will i acctualy finish this?
possibly... i dnt plan it to be to long...ಠ___ಠ


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This was nice. Poor 2U though.

it's almost a song,
add a chorus and bam
so beautiful
then again, i'm all emotional because I'm listening to FT Island's Don't Love Me.
but yes, very good ♥

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